Local community information

These links will take you to external websites were you can find out more about what is happening in the local community around St Thomas' Church.
Please note that St Thomas' cannot take responsibility for the content of any external websites.

City of Edinburgh Council locality boundaries information is available at: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/downloads/file/27031/city-of-edinburgh-council-boundaries-map

Corstorphine Community Council 

North West Locality staff produce a weekly events list which are now available at the Council's website at: 
15th May list is available here
8th May list is available here
1st May list is available here

The Northwest Edinburgh Locality Improvement Plan 2017-2022 is viewable here.


Planning information is a key part of local community's interaction with the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC). Weekly lists are produced as well as information on consultations. From May 2020, weekly listings of applications and decisions are available from the Council website at: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/planningweeklylists

A proposal is being consider for a "filtered permeability" trial at Featherhall, starting in May 2020. Maps show the main scheme and an alternative closure point. (15th May 2020). Discussion at the 19th May Corstorphine Community Council meeting included possible consideration of use of Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) as part of Covid-related road usage adjustments currently being implemented across the city.

An update and illustration is available on the proposed Rowanbank Gardens development at the site of the former Gylemuir Care Home. (8 May 2020) A presentation was made by the developer at the 19th May Corstorphine Community Council meeting, which included design revisions related to the feedback received at the February consultation event at the Corstorphine Hub. It is hoped that a further consultation event may happen in the summer but this is dependent on Covid restrictions.

You may be interested in details of the proposed Maybury Primary School, click links for application and map  (22 Apr 2020). This is part of a much larger development that was considered by the CEC Planning Committee on 20th May.



Choices for City Plan 2030 (Edinburgh) Closed 30th Apr 2020 

Covid-19 Information

City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) Coronavirus updates: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/coronavirus

Scottish Community Councils: Information on coronavirus: http://www.communitycouncils.scot/information-on-coronavirus-for-community-councils.html

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